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kalkidan abera interview

Craftsman Veronica Adane wowCongrats to the 25,791 fortunate individuals who walked away with that sweepstakes today!I might want to praise every one of the fortunate champs of the fourteenth round of 20/80 and the third round of 40/60 shared lodging that you have been calmly saving and sitting tight for a long time!!

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Despite the fact that the lottery cycle was deferred and hampered because of the misrepresentation issues we looked in the house parcel determination process previously, we are very thankful to every one of the occupants of our city who have been close by understanding our endeavors to save the public’s assets and with persistence and understanding to assist law and order with being regarded with a high feeling of obligation.

Additionally, I might want to offer my true thanks for the benefit of the city organization for the extraordinary commitment you have made to the pioneers, supervisors, laborers, specialists and government establishments at all levels who partook tenaciously in the progress of this work!!

We will stay faithful to our obligation to make our city as gorgeous and dynamic as its name, and keep on fortifying our work to make our city a cutthroat and traveler objective.

May the maker favor Ethiopia and its kin!

City chairman Mrs. Adanech Abebe

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