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Eshetu Melese revealed the hidden truth

An assertion gave by the Advertising Division of the Ethiopian Standard Tewahedo Church with respect to the assertion gave by the Public authority Correspondence Administration on January 28, 2015 Promotion under the title “Proclamation from the Public authority Correspondence Administration”.The Sacred Assembly of the Ethiopian Conventional Tewahedo Church, which is driven by the Essence of God, was hung on January 18, 2015, as per the arrangements of Article 19, Sub-Article 3 of the Constitution of the Congregation. As per the choice passed by the crisis entire meeting in regards to the ongoing strict, accepted and regulatory infringement in our congregation, the unlawful papacy and the people who attempted to undermine the Assembly. Sanctioned and authoritative direction is recollected.

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Following this, it will be recalled that by sorting out a progression of discussions on the choices and messages given by the Sacred Assembly, which is the incomparable body of our Congregation, individuals have been given adequate figuring out about the infringement of the law and the constitution of our country.

Nonetheless, in regards to the assertion given on January 28, 2015 under the title “Articulation from the Public authority Correspondence Administration on current issues”; The focuses that the assertion made are the distinction of our Heavenly Church. history And the advertising division of the Ethiopian Customary Tewahedo Church has given the accompanying reaction on the central issues of the assertion as an explanation permits the people who don’t have total data regarding this situation to have an off-base comprehension by overlooking current realities.

  1. As to articulation in the primary section of the assertion, “The public authority accepts that the new partition between the dads of the Ethiopian Customary Tewahedo Church ought to be settled calmly and inside.”

1.1. To the extent that is known, there was no break among the Congregation Fathers. As indicated by the choice of the Sacred Assembly, there are no honored dads who are referred to as individuals and are perceived as fathers of our congregation, yet there is no conflict.

Explanation by the Public authority Correspondence Administration; The Ethiopian Universal Tewahedo Church, which has the main lawful character, under the Essence of God, the most noteworthy body of our congregation, the Blessed Assembly, denounced and distinguished the people as per the group, as we viewed it as a proclamation making sense of that they are as yet legitimate substances and will be perceived.

1.2. We have found that the explanation gave by the public authority actually doesn’t acknowledge a ultimate conclusion given by the Sacred Assembly, which is the last unrivaled body of the quiet Blessed Church, in its inner otherworldly and regulatory systems.

1.3. By smothering the voice of the Blessed Church through the media, the congregation understands that this assertion by the public authority is communicated through the media, and that an assertion with a substance will give the audience members and watchers a twisted comprehension.

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